Men's shirt long sleeve Extra Cool

UV 800 PET bottles. This UV garment is made from 64 percent recycled PET bottles. With every UV garment from iQ you reduce the plastic bottle waste mountain by five PET bottles and reduce CO² emissions.
Made in Europe We manufacture our UV protective garments in Europe. This is important to us because the short transport routes reduce CO2 emissions and ensure fair working conditions.
UV 800 iQ-UV stands for excellent quality and is certified according to the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and guaranteed free of harmful substances.
UV 800
UV 800 UV protective clothing is the most sustainable sun protection. Every UV garment from iQ reduces the plastic waste pile. We manufacture our fabrics and sew our clothes under fair working conditions. Sustainability and fairness are close to our hearts.

Developed for outdoor and active sports
Excellent and permanent UV protection 50+ tested by TÜV
Heat protection and increased performance thanks to active cooling
Long-lasting freshness. Antimicrobial technology reduces odour formation by 90%
Breathable and lightweight for optimum comfort
Non-iron and crease-resistant
Sustainable and fair, made from recycled materials in Europe


Available, delivery time: 1-3 days

Product number: 5496005490-17-3XL
Product information "Men's shirt long sleeve Extra Cool"

When it's hot, many people long to cool down - so this shirt is perfect - it is cooling thanks to evaporative cooling: we call this the "iQ-Cool effect" - the temperature around your skin is noticeably cooled. An effect that we achieve through the breathable, recycled fabrics by means of moisture-regulating evaporation. An innovation! The fabric is ideal for work, leisure and outdoor use. It is light and cool, making it perfect for temperatures above 22°C degrees.

Non-iron and suitable for industrial laundering. Antimicrobial fabric stays fresh for longer and needs fewer washes, so your clothes last longer and are more sustainable. Made from 100% recycled PET bottles.

Gender: Herren
Material: EXTRA Cool - ideal im Hochsommer und an heißen Tagen