Everyday mask with strap 1 pc.

Made in Europe We manufacture our UV protective garments in Europe. This is important to us because the short transport routes reduce CO2 emissions and ensure fair working conditions.
UV 800 UV protective clothing is the most sustainable sun protection. Every UV garment from iQ reduces the plastic waste pile. We manufacture our fabrics and sew our clothes under fair working conditions. Sustainability and fairness are close to our hearts.

Sonnige UV Schutzkleidung Punkt 1 Reusable everyday mask with practical retaining strap, washable at 95°C
Sonnige UV Schutzkleidung Punkt 2 Special filter fleece from German premium manufacturer, Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified
Sonnige UV Schutzkleidung Punkt 3 Individually adjustable nose clip
Sonnige UV Schutzkleidung Punkt 4 Breathable, quick-drying and water-repellent/hydrophobic
Sonnige UV Schutzkleidung Punkt 5 Good air permeability with high filtration performance
Sonnige UV Schutzkleidung Punkt 6 Sustainably and fairly manufactured in Europe
Sonnige UV Schutzkleidung Punkt 7 Shipped in a hygienic polybag


Product number: 5112004800-3-S-M
Product information "Everyday mask with strap 1 pc."

The everyday mask, also known as a face mask or community mask, can prevent droplets from being ejected into the environment when breathing, speaking or coughing. The face mask mainly reduces the risk of infection for those around you, but it also prevents secretion droplets from entering your mouth and nose unhindered. The risk of smear infection from contaminated hands is also reduced by wearing the face mask.

CARE AND WEARING TIME: Despite the quick-drying and water-repellent material, the face mask can become soaked depending on the outside temperature, humidity, breathing frequency and other factors; if this is the case, the wet mask should be dried or replaced with a dry one. In general, the everyday mask should be washed and dried regularly. For disinfection, we recommend using a washing machine at between 60° and 95°C with a commercially available detergent, optionally in a washing bag, to protect the surface of the face mask. Alternatively, disinfection can also be carried out by drying at up to 95°C in the tumble dryer (the wash bag is also gentle here) or oven. All materials used in our everyday masks meet the strict requirements of the Oeko-Tex Standard 100. Material: 70% recycled polyester, 30% Lyocell (Tencel). Made in Poland.