Helm-Inlay SX3 EC Powercool
Helm-Inlay SX3 EC Powercool
Helm-Inlay SX3 EC Powercool
nachhaltig und fair UV-Schutzkleidung ist der nachhaltigste Sonnenschutz. Jedes IQ-UV Shirt verkleinert den Plastikmüllberg um bis zu 40 Sonnencreme Tuben und spart gegenüber Baumwolle tausende Liter wertvolles Frischwasser. Unsere umweltfreundlichen Materialien enthalten keinerlei schädliche Substanzen, die bei der Produktion ins Abwasser geraten können. Wir fertigen unsere Stoffe und nähen unsere Kleidung zu fairen Arbeitsbedingungen in Frankreich, Italien, Polen und Portugal. Nachhaltig und Fairness liegt uns am Herzen.

Helm-Inlay SX3 EC Powercool

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Pleasant cooling under work safety helmets or basecaps Less sweating in heat and less... more
  • Pleasant cooling under work safety helmets or basecaps
  • Less sweating in heat and less exhaustion and significantly less power loss at high temperatures
  • Faster regeneration after sports performance
  • Cooling up to 12°C in seconds with cooling effect up to 10 hours
  • Easy handling, mobile and flexible in use
  • Washable and cleanable, hygienic and antibacterial through DEOXXfresh
If you want to keep a cool head even under a baseball cap or safety helmet, the E.COOLINE Powercool SX3 helmet inlay offers just that - and much more. Because the actively cooling inlay reduces heavy sweating at high temperatures and increases performance and well-being. Whether at work or in your free time - you feel wonderfully cool even in very hot weather, can concentrate better and have more energy. This is ensured by the patented COOLINE SX3 technology, which generates up to 660 watts of cooling energy with smart fibres. The effective cooling can prevent heat-related health problems and accidents and significantly shorten recovery time after physical exertion. The material is light, supple and particularly hygienic with a DEOXX fresh finish. The cut and good fit make the helmet inlay an ideal addition to bascaps, bicycle helmets, standard work safety helmets and welding helmets in high temperatures. Handling is also very easy: activated with cold tap water for 10 seconds, the inlay is dry within seconds and ready for use anytime and anywhere. And for hours. An external, environmentally harmful energy source is not needed. Therefore - and because it is produced in a climate-neutral way - the cooling helmet inlay, like all E.COOLINE products, is also exemplary in terms of sustainability. One size fits all (54 to 61 cm head circumference) Material: Outer material: 100% polyester, filling: 100% COOLINE polyester.

One size (54 to 61 cm head circumference)