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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

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Where in Europe do we manufacture our UV protective clothing?

We source our fabrics from Italy and France. The production of our iQ-UV protective clothing takes place in Poland and Portugal. (Except for UV caps and UV hats, which are manufactured in Myanmar and China respectively).

How safe and reliable is the UV protection of the protective clothing and accessories at iQ?

In addition to our many years of experience and our specialisation in UV protection clothing, our UV garments are regularly tested by independent and well-known testing institutes such as TÜV Rheinland or Institut Hohenstein. We guarantee your safety in the sun with iQ-UV.

Can my body produce enough vitamin D even though I am wearing UV clothing?

Yes, the body absorbs enough sunlight in the face, hands and eyes to produce sufficient vitamin D.

What does UV FREE | UV PRO | UV AQUA | UV WAVE stand for?


The FREE collection is our lightest collection for hot days, weighing only 110 grams per square metre. Ultra-light and breathable with a recycled content of 83% for more lightness (FREE) in high summer - from 24 degrees. The UV FREE collection is silky soft, elastic and easy to care for, without ironing wrinkles are smoothed out by body heat when worn. Excellent UV protection 50+. Environmentally friendly and fairly produced in Europe.



The PRO collection stands for professional protection at work and in leisure time. The two-layer material, recycled PET on the outside and the natural fibre TENCEL ® on the inside, ensures the best wearing comfort. Dry and soft on the skin, and pleasantly cool due to moisture-regulating evaporation. The garment is airy and soft like cotton, ideal for temperatures of 15-25 degrees. iQ PRO collection PPE compliant and suitable for industrial washing. Excellent UV protection 50+. Environmentally friendly and fairly produced in Europe.



The AQUA collection for water sports made from recycled fishing nets is perfect for all fresh and salt water applications. iQ-UV AQUA is chlorine and salt water resistant, protects against jellyfish and cnidarians. The garment is cool on the skin and dries quickly. A high LYCRA® Xtra Life content ensures a perfect fit and long-lasting elasticity. Excellent UV protection 50+. Environmentally friendly and fairly produced in Europe.



The WAVE collection stands for eco-friendly UV fashion from all year round, the feel-good temperature ranges from 18 - 28 degrees. With a recycled content of 91%, durable quality and sustainable and fair production in Europe, WAVE is a statement for healthy and environmentally friendly clothing. Excellent UV protection 50+.

How does the high UV protection come about?

The high UV protection is achieved by the combination of two components, on the one hand due to the UV-reflecting properties of the raw substances and materials used, and on the other hand due to the fine-meshed structure and special processing of the iQ-UV fabrics and textiles. iQ UV protection is purely physical, without any chemicals or additional impregnation. iQ-UV protective clothing is made exclusively from the mostly recycled raw materials listed in the material composition; we use neither chemical nor mineral UV blockers. This means that UV protection from iQ-UV is durable and reliable, and remains so even after frequent wear and many washes.

What does UPF 50+ mean?

UPF 50+ means that you can increase your skin's own protection by a factor of 50. With iQ-UV 50+ clothing, you can stay in the sun 50 times longer than without protection. Of course, only the parts of the skin covered by the UV-protective clothing are protected.

Example: If you are skin type 2, you have a self-protection of about 15 minutes without damaging your skin. With iQ-UV 50+ you are perfectly and safely protected for 50 x 15 minutes and can enjoy the sun all day.

Do I still have to apply sunscreen under a UV shirt?

No, you are perfectly and safely protected under an iQ-UV shirt. However, exposed skin parts must of course be protected with a sunscreen (we recommend at least SPF 30).

What is UPF and SPF?

UPF means: "Ultraviolet-Protection-Factor" and SPF: "Sun-Protection-Factor". Both denote the (time) factor by which the skin's own protection is extended.

What does PPE stand for?

PPE stands for Personal Protective Equipment or Personal Safety Equipment. PPE is the equipment that a person wears or holds as protection against risks to their health or safety (e.g. UV rays from the sun).

 PPE may only be made available on the market if it complies with the provisions of the European PPE Regulation ("Regulation (EU) 2016/425).


How much of the UV rays does iQ-UV clothing block?

Our clothing blocks over 99% of UV-A and UV-B rays.

Does iQ-UV protect against UV-A and UV-B rays?

iQ-UV clothing and caps protect against over 99% of UV-A and UV-B rays.

Does the colour of clothing play a role in the UV protection factor?

Darker colours have a higher UV protection factor than lighter colours. However, even the lightest colours achieve the UV protection factor that we have stated.

How is iQ-UV UV protection tested?

All iQ-UV protection products are tested to the world's most recognised and respected AS/NZS 4399 standard - also known as the Australian Standard UV 50+. Our elasthic watersports collection is also tested to UV Standard 801.

Is the UV protection lost in the water?

The UV protection of our clothing and caps always remains above UPF 50+ when dry or wet.

Does iQ-UV clothing emit microplastics when washed?

No, because the clothing is not made from textile fibres, but from filaments.

Are there nanoparticles in our UV protective clothing?

No, our iQ UV protective clothing does not contain nanoparticles.

Do our clothes also protect us from UV-C rays?

UV-C rays only exist in outer space, the atmosphere of our earth only lets through UV-A and UV-B rays.