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Frequently Asked Questions


Can I wash iQ-UV clothing in the washing machine?

Yes, at 40 ° C in gentle cycle. Our TIP: turn the iQ-UV clothing inside out or use a laundry bag. You can use normal full or color detergent.

Can I wash iQ-UV caps?

Yes, hand wash only. Please do not wash it in the washing machine, as the shield is made of plastic and it can bend in the drum. For best results soak and clean with hand wash.

Will the UV protection wash out?

No, iQ-UV retains UV protection even after many-many washes and does not wash out.
This applies to iQ-UV clothing as well as to iQ-UV caps.

Can I use IQ-UV clothing also in the pool (with chlorine water)?

Yes, because we use the best spandex: XTRA LIFE LYCRA®, this makes our iQ-UV clothing 5 to 10 times more resistant to chlorine than conventional elastane. Your iQ-UV clothing willlook like new for a long time retaining also its elasticity and fit.

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