uv strahlung am wasser

Water increases the risk of cancer

Caution is advised in and around water

The sea, lakes and swimming pools provide a welcome cool-down in summer. It is wonderful to swim and snorkel out with the waves and feel the cooling water all over your body. We are not talking about shallows, currents and other dangers here, but rather about the ability of the water surface to reflect light and radiation. In this context, it is often said that water increases the risk of cancer.


Everybody knows it: despite the supposed coldness of the water, a sunburn is quickly caused. The reason is the intensifying effect of the reflection of UV rays. This ultraviolet radiation increases by up to 90 percent on and in the water, regardless of whether you are above or below the water surface.

That's why we've developed special water sports clothing to protect you. Made from recycled fishing nets, carpets and other synthetic marine debris, it fits snugly against your skin, dries quickly after a swim and gives you a lightweight feel with plenty of freedom of movement. We've had it tested by TÜV and Oekotex and now know that your holiday with iQ UV Watersports will be a healthy one.