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Travelling in winter to summer - Suitcase list

It's wet, cold and dark here in winter. Many people long in these days for warmth, sun, beach and sea. The international jet set meets in Florida, celebrities travel to the Maldives, adventurers visit Australia and animal and wine lovers are drawn to South Africa for the summer. Those who prefer to stay in Europe find pleasant temperatures on the Canary Islands.


If you're getting on a plane pale and shivering, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Here is the iQ suitcase list and a few tips for an all-round winter holiday in the south:

  • Your circulatory system is on the low flame in winter. Take it slow in the heat.
  • Your skin is pale and has hardly any protection of its own. Pack your UV shirts, UV cap, UV hat and seek more shade than sun.
  • Wear at least SPF 50 sunscreen lotion for your face, ears, hands, lips and neck..
  • Take high-quality, natural and toxin-free sunscreen and skin care products in recycled packaging. Especially after sun exposure, skin is irritated and needs moisturising.
  • Don't forget your sunglasses and make sure they are UV400. Only that way will your eyes be well protected.
  • Remember to take your medication if you need it.
  • Pack your swim shorts, but don't forget your ABC or snorkelling equipment, a long-sleeved UV shirt and your UV cap. In and around water, UV rays are up to 90 per cent higher than on land.
  • Check the UV index of your holiday destination in advance. Dermatologists recommend protecting yourself with certified clothing from an UV index of 3. And in the south, the UV index is much higher from a healthy point of view.
  • Avoid plastic packaging, drinks in plastic bottles and always take your rubbish with you and dispose it correctly.
  • Enjoy the sun, but seek the shade and do something different, inside, between 11am and 4pm at lunchtime. Siesta is the best choice for carefree relaxation.
  • Go hiking, walking on the beach, jogging or cycling and remember your UV cap, UV long-sleeve and sustainable sunscreen for face, ears and other exposed areas too.
  • Think about your children. Their skin needs even more UV protection than your own.
  • And now the standards: passport, credit card, money (pay attention to the currency of the country), toothbrush, for one week: 7 T-shirts, underwear, one long and 2 short trousers or skirts and for entertainment a good book or two.



The whole team wish you a beautiful, healthy and relaxing holiday, which you will enjoy wonderfully without sunburn and other skin diseases with the our UV protective tips. Have fun in the wintertime in the summery south.

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