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The Perfect Outfit For: Stand Up Paddling.

Stand Up Paddling (SUP) is Trending!

Stand Up Paddling (or SUP) is a water sport, where the practitioner is standing on a surfboard and moves forward with a paddel. This sport goes back to polynesian fishermen who moved like this on the water. This sport is popular for a long time at Tahiti and Hawai and started its triumphal sweep through the world from there. 

SUP is good training as well!

SUP is not only perfect whole body training, it also trains your endurance and balance! Because you do not need a lot of Equipment you can practice it nearly everywhere on the water. This is a reason, why it is so popular in the UK as well! Are you looking for an Outfit for your next SUP Session and want to look extra good? This is our product recommendation for you! 

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