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The iQ Story: Our way to a world-leading company.

Australia - The iq feeling is born

Exactly two decades ago the little iQ fish got its first peek at the water sports industry. In the early 80’s its creator emigrated to Australia and discovered a love for snorkeling and diving. Upon his return to Germany in 1994, iQ-company was founded and so began the creation of functional and fun products for the beach and sea. With beachwear, neoprene and swimwear, iQ was quickly successful in Germany, many parts of Europe and the Maldives. 

Maldives - The IQ idea expands

In this remote island nation, the conditions are always harsh and products require high-quality materials, which can resist fading from the sun and abrasion from the saltwater. Thus iQ quickly became the textile expert and became the first European company to provide a solution: UV clothing to protect human skin from the strong solar UV radiation in the Maldives. iQ „UV Protection to Wear“ was born as an innovative and high-quality skin protection product.

Worldwide - the best iq uv protection to wear is here

Today, 20 years later, iQ has achieved another breakthrough: the highest quality and safest wearable UV protection worldwide is the perfect solution for the whole family while enjoying the sun at the seaside, snorkeling, swimming or playing on the beach. The new collection is a perfected collection of high-quality UV products.


High-tech, ultra-light and breathable materials are tested and certified by TÜV as providing a unique UV protection of over 300 whilst allowing for maximum freedom of movement. Working with environmentally conscious enterprises and using green electricity it was logical that that collection met the Oeko-Tex® standard 100. 

The future - The most intelligent solution under sun

iQ UV Protection to Wear has been developed for vacation destinations in 30 countries around the world, and provides the maximum protection against sun burn, skin aging and skin cancer. Each individual product is the result of over 25 years of experience from the pioneers of UV protection.

And to ensure this level of expertise remains, today’s development team also includes dermatologists and professional water athletes. Thus, the future of iQ is the combination of innovation and its love of the sea to continuously provide the most intelligent solutions under the sun for the wellbeing of its customers.

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