sonnenschutzkleidung gegen plastikmüll

Sun protective clothing against plastic waste

Enjoy the outdoors with sun protection clothing made from PET bottles

We only have one earth and one life: That's why "sun protection to wear" with UV protection made from recycled materials to protect your skin AND nature is a good choice. We design sporty UV protective clothing "Made in Europe" for active people from recycled PET bottles and completely without pesticides. This not only protects you from skin diseases, skin cancer and skin ageing, but also reduces the global plastic waste mountain with a single UV shirt, saves around 10,000 litres of water and reduces CO² emissions by around 3 kilograms. And all at a comparatively low price.


In harmony with nature: what would it be like to be able to give the gift of a second life? This crazy-sounding idea is the basis of the iQ "Leisure & Outdoor" sun protection collection. "We only have this one planet, which is already severely damaged in many places," explains iQ founder Markus Courtial. "Now we need to collect dead and life-killing material from the world's plastic mountains and integrate it into the cycle of life." The SecondLife® fibre, which is made from European plastic waste and processed into extremely durable fabrics, gives the world a little more time to survive. An iQ sun protection shirt is produced from around five PET bottles, reducing the mountain of waste by around one kilogramme. Almost 2,750 litres of water are used to produce a cotton shirt. To produce an iQ-UV PRO T-shirt, we only need 18 litres of water. Save water, wear iQ!

PET bottles are a material for robust and versatile leisurewear

How are these fabrics made from discarded plastic bottles? We have the waste collected in Europe and combined with Tencel® in France to create a high-quality base fibre. Tencel® is softer than silk, cooler than linen and more absorbent than cotton. This makes our UV clothing the perfect outdoor garment. The properties are almost limitlessly good. Comfort is guaranteed thanks to skin-friendliness, elasticity and a cooling effect (evaporative cooling). Recreational and competitive athletes swear by it: when hiking, cycling, jogging, Nordic walking, golfing, in the garden or simply going for a relaxed walk, it pleasantly accompanies your own movement and absorbs over 99 per cent of UV rays. The clear conscience that comes with every step instead of wearing resource- and energy-consuming polyester or cotton clothing.

Life-saving side effect: the targeted collection of plastic bottles protects and improves the habitats of plants, animals and people. Awareness of waste separation is raised. And gruesome images of species wiped out by mountains of plastic in nature and the sea become rarer. We are doing something for this development. And you can too.