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Sun protection is critical on and near the water!

In the water, the UV exposure increases by approx. 90%.

Many people forget in the cool water that water does not protect against UV rays. On the contrary: water actually increases UV rays by about 90%. 

Even at a depth of half a metre, about 40% of the UV rays still penetrate. 

But even light-coloured sand, which many people do not know, reflects the light very strongly and thus ensures a significantly higher UV radiation exposure on the beach. Sun protection on the water is therefore particularly important, because you get the UV rays from above as well as from below, so to speak. And the danger of sunburn and thus of late effects increases!

Therefore: Don't be misled by the cool water and think about good sun protection even in the water!

With our iQ UV shirts (long-sleeved or short-sleeved) as well as our shorts, you are optimally protected in the water - at the beach, during water sports or simply with the children at the pool.

Protect yourself and your loved ones!

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