mann am paddeln kayak wassersport sonnenschutz

Sun protection is crucial on and near the water!

In summer, the sun sometimes burns mercilessly from the sky, but many people underestimate its power. It can be dangerous in situations where you don't expect it, partly because there are still many misconceptions about UV rays and solar radiation.

mann am paddeln kayak wassersport sonnenschutz

In the water, UV exposure increases by around 90%

Many people forget in the cool water that water does not protect against UV rays. On the contrary: water actually increases UV rays by around 90%. 
But many people don't realise that light-coloured sand also reflects the light very strongly and thus significantly increases UV radiation exposure on the beach. Sun protection by the water is therefore particularly important, as you get UV rays from above as well as from below. And the risk of sunburn and thus of long-term consequences increases!

The important question is: do you also get sunburnt in the water?

And the answer is yes. Even one metre below the surface of the water, UV rays still reach the body. In addition, 80 per cent of the long-wave UV-A rays, which cause premature skin ageing and wrinkling, reach the water. Of the short-wave UV-B rays, which typically cause sunburn, it is 50 per cent!  

But if you swim above the waves, you should be doubly careful: the surface of the water acts like a mirror, amplifying UV rays by 50 per cent! Medical institutes (e.g. the British National Health Service (NHS)) warn against the dangerous combination of summer sun and water: due to the cooling effect of the water, you notice sunburn when it is already too late. UV-protective clothing and headgear are a good idea.

So don't let the cool water mislead you and remember to wear good sun protection in the water too!

With our UV shirts (long-sleeved or short-sleeved) as well as our shorts, you are optimally protected in the water - on the beach, during water sports or simply with the children by the pool.

Schütze dich und deine Lieben!