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Our Sustainability Report - 2022

We try to improve a little every year. For our customers, we want to be a good, reliable partner.

We pay attention to environmental protection and climate and we want to deal fairly with all our employees, suppliers and sewing factories. We also have this checked by other bodies and summarise it in a short report every year.

Here is the result for 2022:

 Honest customer focus 
 Nature protection & sustainability  


Our customers and their needs are our benchmark and customer service - our passion. We are satisfied with the 2022 results.

The development of regular customers - multiple buyers is a very important indicator for us of the level of customer satisfaction. In the online shop, the number of our regular customers has grown by 34%, which corresponds to a regular customer share of 17%.

4,8 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ VERY GOOD say our customers at Google and TrustedShops.


In order to ensure optimal availability of goods throughout the year, the inventory was increased by 25%. This measure enabled us to cushion most of the procurement and supply chain problems that occurred in 2022.



Most sunscreens pollute the life in our lakes and oceans through their ingredients. Each iQ-UV shirt saves up to 10 kilograms of sunscreen. The UV protection shirts sold in 2022 can thus save up to 424 tonnes of sunscreen. In addition, the environment is relieved because about 1.7 million cream tubes and plastic bottles did not have to be produced.




iQ-UV products are mostly made from recycled raw materials, which reduces the waste mountain and saves 60-90% energy compared to conventional fabric production from crude oil. Together we have been able to turn 15 tonnes of plastic waste into valuable UV protective clothing.

iQ-UV PRO shirts are made from old PET bottles, so old is reused and not incinerated. Last year, 91,875 PET bottles were collected and recycled, avoiding 10,100 kg of CO2 emissions.

The regenerated nylon for AQUA shirts comes from old fishing nets and carpets, the saving compared to conventional nylon is enormous. In 2021, iQ-UV shirts alone saved 41 tonnes of crude oil and avoided 38,000 kilos of CO2 emissions.

Since May 2022, all iQ UV protection caps and hats are made from 100% recycled nylon.



We use 18 litres of water to produce one iQ-UV PRO T-shirt, while a standard cotton T-shirt uses an average of 2,750 litres. In 2021, this saved over 50 million cubic metres of fresh water.

Stay fresh wash less - since 2022, the PRO occupational safety collection has been antimicrobial, which means that the clothing stays fresh longer and needs to be washed less often. This is doubly sustainable, as it saves water and extends the life of the garments.



High-quality garments need good packaging so that they are not damaged or soiled during transport and storage. The industry standard for this is the plastic bag. We have been striving to replace plastic bags with paper bags since 2019, year-on-year we reduced the number of plastic packaging by 45%. The current ratio of iQ-UV individual packaging is 9% plastic bags to 91% paper bags.



Our company building is equipped with a solar power system, generating 16,330kWh of environmentally friendly electricity. Our consumption is significantly lower at 8,260kWh. The surplus electricity was fed into the public grid.



In 2022, sick leave was 8 days, there were no occupational accidents, and the accident frequency rate was 0.0 per cent.



In December 2022, 88% of all iQ-UV employees had a company pension plan.


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