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Is it possible to protect yourself from skin cancer completely?

We were asked this question the other day. As you can guess, the answer is not that simple. There are various causes of skin cancer. But the most common by far is UV rays. Most of us are familiar with the ultraviolet rays that come from the sun, but they also exist in the workplace or in solariums. All are capable of completely destroying skin cells.


Likewise in all cases, our skin accumulates the damage and stores it - if you like - in a skin cancer account. This skin cancer account cannot be cleared or reduced, it inevitably grows larger with each new UV ray. Due to our now, and fortunately, ever-increasing life expectancy, the risk of contracting the disease increases yet again.

In short: you must protect yourself from UV rays if you do not want to get skin cancer in the course of your (hopefully) long life. Experts agree: the best protection is sustainable UV protective clothing with a high UV protection factor. The German Technical Inspection Agency (TÜV) certifies that our UV clothing offers over 99.9% protection, which is the maximum you can do. If you just follow a few rules: Apply sunscreen to your face, stay in the shade rather than in direct sunlight, avoid midday heat and never stay in the sun longer than your skin type dictates; that way you'll be in on the right track.


It goes without saying that you should only visit a solarium for therapeutic reasons. There are certainly modern facilities that minimise the risk, but you will hardly get a solarium recommendation from a dermatologist. Those who are professionally exposed to technical UV rays know the risk and protect themselves with so-called PPE, personal protective equipment.

Now to the bad news: the genetic background can also contain skin cancer information. In this case, we cannot guarantee you 100% protection. Nevertheless, the above rules remain valid and you will be on a healthier path if you follow them.

By the way: every other type of cancer is also aided by UV rays. So if you have a predisposition, you should only get as much sun as you can tolerate.

Special case: what if I have already been diagnosed with skin cancer? The good news: it is never too late. White skin cancer can be cured well if detected early. Even melanoma is not necessarily a death sentence. You will get treatment from your doctor that will help your health. And if your doctor is good, he or she will recommend sunscreen, preferably sunscreen clothing with a safe UV protection certificate. Clothing is the safest choice, because UV-protective clothing remains constant. Unlike suntan lotion or sunscreen, UV clothing by iQ does not lose protection through prolonged wear, salt water, your own sweat, friction or other environmental factors.

Back to the question: You can absolutely prevent skin cancer. And: no, there is no such thing as 100% protection against skin cancer. But we can offer you 99.9% protection with our UV protective clothing and thus significantly increase your chances of staying healthy. Use it.

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