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Get plastic out of the sea

With this project, we demand and promote the complete cleaning of the oceans and advocate for the protection of the sea. Because without the sea, there is no life on land.

Our iQ Family has lived as divers and water sports enthusiasts in the countries where the water is warm and the fish are colourful. We have seen miles of plastic carpets, dead reefs, pale coral and endangered fish. Enough is enough. The rubbish must be taken out of the sea so that the iQ Fish and its friends can breathe again. Stop the plastic waste export!



What we do

iQ UV is produced exclusively in Europe in a fair, healthy and environmentally friendly way from recycled plastic waste. In 2021, 14.2 tonnes of plastic waste were transformed into a good and healthy wearing experience. And this specific product development achieves more positive characteristics than we ourselves expected: TÜV-approved UV protection 50+, high durability, long life, maximum comfort, cooling effects on the skin in summer, zero chemicals and over 90 per cent savings of water and energy in manufacturing compared to conventional clothing.

What you can do

First and foremost is to stop using plastic, any form of plastic. Please buy drinks only in glass bottles, try to avoid plastic packaging for all food and other purchases, and properly dispose of the plastic items that you are unfortunate enough not to have passed by through fair waste segregation.


Every time you go on holiday or to the seaside, you will come across plastic waste. It is cool to collect it in a net and dispose of it properly before it is washed into the sea. There is also a simple rule when buying clothes: please only buy synthetic fibres from recycled materials, all other synthetic fibres produce new plastic and harm the environment during production. Unfortunately, this also applies to cotton, even if it is certified organic. By the time the cotton has been grown, harvested, processed into fabric and put on the shelf, many thousands of litres of water are used for a single T-shirt. Water that is lacking elsewhere.

In short: stay alert and „use your iQ“.

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