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Equipment for hotels and tour operators

"If you go on holiday without UV protection, you will come back ill."

With these drastic words, dermatologists and cancer researchers warn of the high UV exposure worldwide. The UV index - a measure of the intensity of UV rays - has multiplied over the past 20 years. The best remedy for skin health: UV protective clothing.


Why do holidaymakers and hosts need UV protection?

Today, anyone who exposes themselves to the sun without protection quickly suffers sunburn. This external sign, associated with skin irritation or even severe pain, is only the peak of the stress caused by UV rays. After just a few minutes, the skin layer can no longer regulate itself, even without visible burns. Skin cells are irrevocably damaged and the risk of skin cancer increases with every single unprotected sunbath - for life.

Responsible hosts educate their holidaymakers early on and offer UV protection to wear and sunscreen preparations in their shops. In addition, since 2019, German lawmakers have imposed an obligation on employers to protect all employees as well. Employer's liability insurance associations check these measures, and high fines may be imposed. How can you avoid this?


Sun lotion or UV protection clothing?

Sun cream alone is not enough! For one thing, the lotions are rarely applied in sufficient quantity, and moreover, their effect lasts only a short time. Depending on the skin type and sun protection factor, the creamed skin may be exposed to the sun for between 20 minutes and about three hours. The repeated demand to "reapply sunscreen" is useless because the skin has already reached its daily exposure limit. Moreover, sunscreen is one of the main causes of coral and fish mortality in the oceans and creates tons of plastic waste every day.


The better alternative is sustainable and certified UV protective clothing. "iQ UV" use marine debris such as old fishing nets and PET bottles for its UV protection collection, turning them into robust and tightly knitted fabrics that stand up to the highest UV protection standards. UV caps, UV shirts, UV shorts, UV dresses and much more for women, men and children make holidays a safe experience - from the first day to the last.

Individual hotel and tour operator offers

The German UV specialist can supply their products in small quantities in the corporate colours of your choice and with the logo of the hotel or event organiser. This means that both employees and all guests are well equipped. Partnerships from the Maldives to the Baltic Sea prove the successful model and the sustainability of the production chain. iQ UV, the best choice for the health of travellers and employees.

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