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After all, who wants photoaging?!

How's that? What is Photoaging?

"Photoaging is the premature ageing of the skin caused by UV rays from the sun or by repeated exposure to the sun. The main symptoms are premature wrinkles, pigmentation or discolouration of the skin surface, scaly patches on the skin and, in the worst case, skin cancer. No one needs any of that.

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The 1970s are long gone. Back then, a deep tan, thanks to solariums and sun holidays, was considered healthy, successful and beautiful. Today we can all see the long-term consequences: deep lines mark the skin of the former sun worshippers and quite a few have become seriously ill.

In the meantime we have learned more. Here's how to keep wrinkles and spots away for a long time: UV-protective clothing, UV-protection, a hat or cap and more shade than sun. Keep your delicate skin long before the natural ageing process kicks in regardless. And remember, this doesn't just apply to skin type 1, or very light-skinned people, but also to any other skin type.

Photoaging? No thanks.

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