We have been developing and manufacturing functional clothing since 1994. We have set ourselves the goal of developing the best possible protection against skin cancer, skin diseases and premature skin ageing. All renowned test centres, from the EU to TÜV, certify that our clothing meets this high standard for your health. The use of our certified products in professional occupational safety for people who have to work under the sun proves how professionally iQ UV works.

This makes iQ UV the No. 1 for UV protective clothing in Europe.

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for us and our future

In addition to our own health, we do everything we can to protect animals and nature as well as people. To this end, we develop our protective clothing from recycled raw materials, such as 2Life® made from used PET bottles and ECONYL® - regenerated nylon. Waste such as fishing nets, old carpets and industrial plastic, which otherwise pollute the world, are processed into robust, comfortable and functional fabrics. All iQ UV products are vegan. We work with suppliers from the EU who ensure short delivery routes, we package our products in an environmentally friendly way and we work in a climate-neutral way.

iQ UV works 100% sustainably for us and future generations.


Our different collections are suitable for all activities under the sun. They offer the safest UV protection and the best wearing comfort.

iQ UV-Outdoor   supports you when hiking, cycling, gardening or whatever you like to do outdoors with breathable and sun-safe clothing. Our products in this category also offer a noticeable cooling effect and are ideal for high temperatures because they are ultra-light, cooling and still provide reliable protection against UV rays.

iQ UV-Watersport  not only protects against UV rays, but also against nettles, dries quickly and is comfortable against the skin. These products are perfect for all water activities, but can also be used for activities on land.

We also develop workwear (which is recognised as PPE = personal protective equipment), which is used in road construction, the energy industry, water protection, gardening and landscaping and many other professions under the sun.

iQ UV is the comfortable brand for every day.

worry-free through the summer
for the environment


We want to take on the challenges of our time and make our contribution to the future of our planet. To this end, we always manufacture with a focus on the most sustainable options for textile production and thus appeal to people for whom health, the environment and life in all its forms are important.

iQ UV pays attention to fair conditions, fair wages and fair materials for fair clothing.

iQ UV – SINCE 1994

The iQ UV story began back in the early 1980s. Markus Courtial emigrated to Australia with his family as a teenager. His impressions and experiences from the continent that was the first and still is the most affected by UV exposure were and still are a strong motivation for iQ sun protection clothing. In 1994, he founded iQ Company AG, initially primarily for hot holiday destinations in the south. As the climate changed, UV protection also became increasingly important in Europe. Today, the UV index in Germany is above the range already responsible for travel warnings "down under".

Today, skin cancer is the fastest-spreading form of cancer worldwide. We see it as our duty to provide you with the perfect protection against UV rays and skin cancer while treating our world with care and with an eye to future generations..

iQ UV benefits from extensive experience.

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It's simple: the clothing must be made with materials that block UV rays. The individual threads of this fabric are processed so tightly that no radiation can penetrate. The result is long-lasting, physical UV protection without any chemical additives. In Italy and France, we use old fishing nets or PET bottles to make the perfect fabrics for our collections, which are sewn in Poland and Portugal.

iQ UV protection is long-lasting, sustainable and chemical-free.


Our clothing is made from different materials, both of which not only offer excellent protection against UV rays, but also impressive environmental benefits.

Some of the clothing is made from regenerated ECONYL® nylon, a yarn made from waste such as old fishing nets and carpets, but also from industrial plastic collected worldwide. An intelligent regeneration and cleaning process is used to restore the nylon waste to its original purity and quality. Regenerated nylon not only reduces the amount of waste, but also reduces the impact on global warming by up to 90% compared to virgin nylon made from oil.

The other part of the iQ UV garments is made from 2Life® yarn, which is made from used PET bottles. The environmental savings from using recycled PET yarns compared to virgin polyester yarns are significant: 32% less CO2 emissions and 60% less energy.

Best of all is the saving of water. In comparison, a conventional cotton shirt can use up to 2,750 litres of water from the factory to the finished product. In contrast, only around 18 litres of water are needed to produce iQ UV T-shirts, making them an environmentally friendly choice.

reduce Waste save energy
for your health


The nice side effect: the fabrics made with these materials are robust, light, flexible and provide optimum protection against dangerous UVA and UVB radiation and even against nettles when doing water sports. We also work with you, our customers, to reduce your consumption of sun cream. This is important because almost all sun creams pollute our groundwater, lakes and oceans with the additives they need to be effective - not to mention the many tonnes of plastic waste from cream tubes. Dermatologists also agree that the optimum protective effect is not achieved by sun cream, but by clothing with a UV protection function.

Thank you for using our products and doing your bit,

 your iQ UV team